2019 - 2022
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NOA -Nonlinear Optics down to Atomic scales

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The Collaborative Research Center (CRC/SFB) 1375 "NOA – Nonlinear Optics down to Atomic scales" was established at the Friedrich Schiller University in July 2019.

The research program is focussing on exploring fundamental nonlinear processes of light-matter interaction in low-dimen­sional nanostructures, such as atomically thin layers, nanoparticles and -wires, nanostructured surfaces and molecular assemblies. NOA is exploring quantum phenomena as light-induced tunneling of electrons through metallic nanogaps and field-driven carrier acceleration in plasmonic nanostructures, atomic lattices and 2D-materials. This includes investigating the resulting back-action on the electromagnetic field, causing the generation of higher harmonics and information about the electronic wavefunctions involved in the interaction.

NOA is divided into the project areas A, B, C and Z (service).
2019 - 2022
Contact to the NOA scientific board and program coordination.


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New study of an international research team aims to advance quantum computing
Integrated single photon source used in the experiment to perform precision measurements.
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Jena, Germany | May 11-13, 2023
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at Dotsource in Jena
Field visit
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Joint achievement of the university awarded
Prof. Walter Rosenthal is "University Manager of the Year 2022".
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We invite you to join a special talk entitled “Physik in Hollywood” on November 25th.
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University President Walter Rosenthal reacts to the "gender dispense" of the Thuringian state parliament
Gender equality also in language remains the university's goal.
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