Nonlinear fiber loop
watermark — a wave that decreases in amplitude and wavelength after passing through an area of points

B6 – Nonlinear wave interaction in quantum nanomaterials

Nonlinear fiber loop
Picture: Maria Chernysheva, Leibniz IPHT

This project aims to investigate the propagation of counter-propagating pulses colliding in nonlinear nanomaterials relevant to the NOA consortium. In that sense, our project forms a link between fundamental quantum-based research and the application of resulting nonlinear optical nanomaterials in laser-based pulse generation schemes. Experiments will be carried out in specially designed exposed core fibers, with the nonlinearity mediated by quantum nanomaterials embedded on the edge or surface. We will focus on atom-scale 2D materials, such as graphene, transitional metal dichalcogenides and other semiconductors, as well as quantum dots, where the nonlinearity is dominated by discrete transitions, such as excitons or size-induced quantization levels. Methodologically we will go beyond measuring averaged dynamics by applying a real-time analysis based on dispersion Fourier transformation. Thus, we will better understand the statistical properties of pulse interactions. Our experimental methods would relate to a new modelling approach based on quantum simulations of the propagation of bosonic multi-photon fields interacting with two- and three-level systems. Being focused on the development of respective algorithms, the first basic simulations will also be performed on a real quantum computer, access to which is granted by the Fraunhofer society.

Principal Investigator