At the University of Jena, students receive the best possible support right from the start.
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University of Jena offers best conditions for students right from the start

Five stars for Friedrich Schiller University Jena in new CHE University Ranking
At the University of Jena, students receive the best possible support right from the start.
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
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Published: | By: Axel Burchardt
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The current University Ranking by the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) confirms that it is possible to study excellently at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena. In the subjects of Law, Economics and Business Administration, and Business Information Systems, which were newly evaluated this year, the University received excellent ratings from the students for the support, the range of courses offered and the facilities. And especially at the beginning of the studies, the programmes offer very good support, the ranking proves, and thus shows that it is worthwhile to study in Jena.

For anyone who would like to experience this first-hand, the University Information Day on 13 May is a good opportunity. There they can not only find out everything about the University and its diverse degree programmes, but also talk to students and lecturers and create your own "ranking" of Jena as a place to study with a strong support system.

Exemplary exam preparation and study duration

The Faculty of Law at the University of Jena also received the highest score in the ranking for the preparation of students for the exam. "We pay special attention to both the introductory phase and the preparation for the exams," says the Dean for Student Affairs, Prof. Dr Christian Alexander. "The fact that this is recognized by the students and rated so excellently makes us very happy and spurs us on to maintain this high level."

In all 14 main criteria of the student survey, the ratings in the subject of Economics and Business Administration are – in some cases significantly – above the average of all the universities compared. "We offer very flexible degree programmes with many options," says the Dean of Student Affairs of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Prof. Dr Armin Scholl. "Thanks to intensive supervision and very good organization of courses and exams, students can achieve their desired education with high quality and in a reasonable amount of time, as our top rankings in all study-relevant criteria show."

The complete CHE ranking was published today in the ZEIT Study Guide 2023/24 and on HeyStudiumExternal link(German only). In addition to facts in the areas of study, teaching and research, the ranking includes students' assessments of the study conditions at their university, which are presented for the first time using a 5-star scale.


Christian Alexander, Univ.-Prof. Dr
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