Award ceremony of the Siegfried Czapski Publication Prize 2022 with the winner Mariana Murillo-Roos.
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Your last paper? A candidate for the Siegfried Czapski Publication Prize 2023!

The 2023 call for nominations for the Siegfried Czapski Publication Prize of the Jena Alliance is open, the deadline is July 15.
Award ceremony of the Siegfried Czapski Publication Prize 2022 with the winner Mariana Murillo-Roos.
Image: Katja Präfcke, FSU Jena.
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Published: | By: Maria Langhammer and Christian Helgert
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The 2023 call for nominations for the Siegfried Czapski Publication Prize of the Jena Alliance is open!

You are an ASP doctoral student and you have written a remarkable paper that has been accepted by an international journal within the last year? Then ask your supervisor to nominate you for the publication prize! It is a wonderful opportunity to recognize and appreciate an outstanding scientific achievement.

To recognise exceptional publications of doctoral researchers or postdocs, the Siegfried Czapski Publication Prize for early-career researchers was awarded for the first time last year to the PhD candidate Mariana Murillo-Roos from the junior research group Plant MicrobiosisExternal link by the Jena Alliance. The Prize honours an exceptional contribution at the interface of the university profile lines LIGHT and LIFE that has been accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal of international quality. The Prize is endowed with 2,000 EUR of personal and taxable prize money and supervisors can nominate publications by early-career researchers until July 15, 2023.

Criteria for the award

  • The publication must represent an exceptional advancement of interdisciplinary science at the interface of LIGHT and LIFE and be nominated for the prize by the supervisor. Only single publications and not a set of related papers can be nominated.
  • The nominee must be first author of the publication and must have made an exceptional contribution as detailed in the nomination letter of the supervisor. This could be in the form of original ideas in having conceived the study, developing a novel method for addressing hypotheses or overcoming considerable obstacles to answering the research question. It will be the responsibility of the nominating supervisor to provide the arguments for the importance of the contribution.
  • The work must be accepted for publication within the year prior to the deadline (07/15/22 - 07/15/23), and a full manuscript must be provided alongside the nomination letter.
  • The impact factor of the journal in which the work is published will not be a primary selection criterion for the prize. The prize will instead focus on the merit of the work and the exceptional contribution of the nominee, as outlined above.

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You can find more information on the nomination procedure here: link

For more information, please contact Dr. Maria Langhammer ( de