watermark — a wave that decreases in amplitude and wavelength after passing through an area of points

Long Night of Sciences 2022

We invite you to join a special talk entitled “Physik in Hollywood” on November 25th.
Image: Dr. Sascha Vogel
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Science Slam with Dr. Sascha Vogel at the Long Night of Sciences 2022

  • Do lightsabers from Star Wars actually work?
  • How come James Bond always wins?
  • How is spiderman connected to physics and how does Iron Man so quickly manage to build a particle accelerator?

The fact that Hollywood is not the summit of scientific realism is well-known. Sascha Vogel shows in his prize-winning program “Physics in Hollywood” the state of scientific realism in Hollywood movies. Don’t panic – its not about dry formulas and physical theories, but rather about fun in and with sciences! In Vogel’s slam – from Armageddon via Star Wars to Zoolander – no one will be able to suppress their laughter even if you dropped physics after third grade! 

When? November 25th, 21:00

Where? Max-Wien-Platz 1, Lecture hall 1

More details are available at link 

The NOA-Team is inviting you to some mulled wine and hot waffels at 8 pm! See you there!