Field visit
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Day Out in Industry - Part 3

at Dotsource in Jena
Field visit
Image: Jonas Turtschan
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Our visit to Dotsource

The field trip to various companies in the industrial landscape of Thuringia have already become routine for the NOA doctoral students.

The digital economy is a focal point of Jena's economy. 3,500 employees in around 140 companies are working on digital transformation, particularly in the area of digital business and in the development and application of e-commerce technologies. That's why it was very important to us to give our doctoral students a perspective on their professional future in this area as well. The day was superbly organized by DOTSOURCE GmbH and our doctoral students were able to gain a detailed insight into the working methods of Germany's largest owner-managed digital agency. Our short image film shows how cool and interesting the day was for everyone involved.